Making the small, mighty

Every business is big to someone. Our platform drives entrepreneurs to grow at the scale of their ambition

Rewriting the rules

By giving people the right tools, we can simplify trading, share access to capital, and lift communities from poverty to prosperity.

For the first time ever, Accloud puts all of those tools in one place: into the hands of small, mighty entrepreneurs. That means stronger growth, greater financial inclusion – and faster recovery from economic hardship.

This is low-touch commerce, without boundaries.

How it works


Accloud’s ecosystem lowers costs by opening new doors and empowering micro and small to medium enterprises to increase margins, scale and grow into new markets.

Manage Business on the Go

Fully integrated sales, purchases, inventory and accounting solution

Tax Compliant

Simple to use GST compliant tax calculation and payment

Global Marketplace

Trade online through a trusted marketplace providing direct and simple access to a global market of customers and suppliers


Work in any language, at any level within your business

Mobile App

Mobile app allows full access to business data and tools on the go


Built-in e-wallet for ease of payments

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Accloud gave me the platform I needed to connect with a large supply chain of buyers and sellers. Now, I have fresh opportunities in new markets.

Local Farmer

62% of farmers in India hold less than one hectare of land and typically have restricted access to
buyers and sellers.

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